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Product Development


IntelliBev provide turnkey solutions with proven drink formulas for all of your beverage needs including:  energy, sports, vitamin enriched waters, teas and Hispanic fountain drinks.


IntelliBev is your turnkey development solution for::

  • Identify a product idea: product brainstorming and research.
  • Define requirements: costing, margins, and retail price targets.
  • Formulate a product.
  • Test the concept: Formal, internet, and guerilla market research.
  • Finalize product formula, nutritional statement, labeling law, and shelf life testing.
  • Finalize costing and provide cost transparency.
  • Source co-packers and ingredient suppliers for product. 
  • Create supply chain and manufacturing process.
  • Supervise test and production runs.
  • Help you bring your product to market in a cost effective manner.
  •  Ongoing support: product cost reductions, new product reformulations, market research.

We currently have over 20 successful drink products in distribution.  Let us help you create another successful product that your customers will love. 


Contact us at: or call 1-800-844-9980.

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